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Spokane loses a "champion of the poor," as Larry Stuckart passes away

Larry Stuckart, retired executive director of SNAP, passed away early Sunday morning with his family at his side. He served for over 20 years as SNAP Executive Director and more than 37 years with the agency. He retired from the position in August of 2013. Over the years, Stuckart oversaw significant growth, numerous changes and was responsible for influencing the lives of many within our community. Few people have done as much to help the poor as Larry Stuckart.

In the early years SNAP had about nine employees and administered a Community Services Administration grant of about $125,000. Now, SNAP serves over 47,000 people annually with a budget of about $24.7 million dollars. The number of funding sources now numbers well over 150.

Stuckart’s first job at SNAP was a Gonzaga University student intern at the East Side Neighborhood Center as a food stamp clerk and janitor. He left for a short time and returned to fill other responsibilities until he was named Assistant Director of the Neighborhood Center programs in 1981. He had served as Executive Director since 1991. The name of the agency changed several times during his tenure, but always the mission has been to serve the needs of the poor, vulnerable and homeless in Spokane. And Larry Stuckart championed that mission every day.

On his retirement he said "As I look back, I am proudest of the services we have provided to give the people of the community an opportunity to receive a hand up with dignity. We have effectively welcomed the people in need through our doors and provided them with what they have needed to improve their lives."

Larry is survived by his wife Mary Anne, sons Ben (Ann) and Nick (Kelli), two grandchildren, a brother, Bob, and sister Mary. Funeral services will be announced soon.


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