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Valpak Announces New Coupon App

— Leading the way in technology, Valpak announces its new coupon app will be available for download for the new Apple Watch, making it one of the first coupon companies to offer savings for the new device, and making it easier than ever for consumers to get savings right in their neighborhoods.

Known for its local direct mail coupons, Valpak has also become a leader in mobile couponing. With the convenience of the new Apple Watch, consumers can now find savings just a tap away on their wrist and have access to coupons for stores and services within a 25 mile radius. No matter where they are, consumers can download the Valpak coupon app for Apple Watch and get savings when they need them.

Spokane area businesses currently advertising with Valpak are already targeting specific neighborhoods monthly in their familiar blue envelope, which also includes access to their digital audiences using their online and mobile apps for expanded offers updated daily. Spokane businesses can add these digital service to their Valpak advertising for Free through June 30. Call Val Workman at Valpak, 509-892-6334 or val@valpaknw.com.


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