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Bigger! Brighter! Better! New video wall at the Arena

Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena is kicking off the New Year with a bigger, brighter LED Video Wall. Installed over the last few weeks, the new wall is 53 feet wide by 19.6 feet tall and is more than twice as wide as the old wall which was installed in 2002.

"This is a very exciting addition to the Spokane Arena," said Kevin Twohig, CEO of the Spokane Public Facilities District. "This new video wall features the latest technology and its capabilities are truly impressive. We look forward to the wall adding to the overall event experience for our guests."

"It is a real pleasure to cap our 20-year celebration with an incredible amenity to enjoy events," remarked Matt Gibson, Spokane Arena General Manager. "ArenaVISION is going to bring an entirely new dimension to events. Our guests expect the best and I'm happy to say that this new LED video wall is going to surpass those expectations."


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